Homegroups are a vital part of the life of Bradford Family Church. They provide an opportunity for our church family to come together in smaller, more intimate settings. Here we can explore God’s word, pray for each other and our friends/family, our neighbourhoods, our work colleagues, our city and beyond. We usually meet at least once a week in a family / home setting. All members of BFC are part of a Homegroup.

Our Homegroups also provide an opportunity for people to both grow in their giftings as well as share their giftings, for the benefit of those inside and outside the church. In addition to exploring God’s word and prayer, we meet together for friendship, to share family life, to provide help and support to each other and to generally enjoy the life God has given us.

This may be by sharing meals, involvement in activities that help and support our local communities, and by re-capping on what happened at the Sunday meeting.

We are often set some questions/tasks by the Sunday speaker to consider and pray about or do.

So if you live in the locality, want to be part of this local church and would like to join a Homegroup close to you, please speak to one of the leadership team.